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Healthy Places
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Healthy Places focuses on areas that are new, interesting, often not fully understood, or, not previously recognised at all as having the potential to impact and change local environments to improve the health and wellbeing of communities.

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What Healthy Places is, what the resource has to offer and how to use it.
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Practical examples of how law and policy have been used to promote healthier local places.

Access to healthy food

To make healthy food choices, healthy food options need to be available and accessible. 

Active communities
Healthy, active lives can be fostered through the creation of more activity-friendly places.

Alcohol control
Local areas have the ability to control alcohol retail as part of building healthier communities.

Enable active travel
Walking and cycling provide opportunities for everyday physical activity.

Healthy housing

Increasing evidence shows that home environments have an impact across the life course on health and wellbeing.

Greener Local Environments

Spring has sprung and the days are getting longer. As we all start to spend more time outside, there are a number of tools local communities can harness to create healthier environments.

  • Enabling active travel creates safer, more physically active populations, but it also helps reduce air pollution - a growing problem across England.

  • Green space protection ensures communities have appropriate, safe outdoor spaces for everyone to use - and helps mitigate the effects of air pollution.

  • Another means for mitigating climate change and supporting healthier environments is to promote community food growing - which provides needed fruits and vegetables to neighbourhoods, too!

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