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Healthy Places focuses on regulatory options and policy areas that are new, interesting, often not fully understood, or, not recognised as having a potential impact on health in a local area.

It is not a checklist of health measures for local communities to adopt; instead this site explains the operation of laws and explores policies that could enable, or place limits on, local government and community activity that affects the healthiness of a place.

Free to all, the resource is primarily aimed at local authorities, local planners, and local public health professionals – those tackling tough public health challenges in their communities.

What the site has:

The resource is organised by themes, linked regulatory options and case studies.

Access to healthy food

Alcohol control

Enable active travel

Healthy housing

Promote active communities

Our work is based on background research on the impact of the built environment on health. 

How to use it:

The resource navigation allows you to explore and access information in a number of ways:

Themes - The five core themes and the key issues which fall under them.

Case studies - A collection of local experiences highlighting key issues which have been addressed through the application of regulatory options.

Take action - Access to explanations of regulatory options.

Use the main tabs at the top of every page to help you navigate between areas. The Healthy Places logo will always take you back to the homepage.

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Use the site's resources for action.

PDF maker  - Turn any of the information found on the resource into a pdf document which can be used for sharing information with colleagues and your community. Further details on using the pdf maker can be found here.

Become a member – Join a growing community of planning and public health professionals. As a member you gain personalised access to the UK Health Forum’s information resources and the opportunity to share your contact details through a member’s directory enabling you to connect with others in your region and across the country. Please see our Member’s Portal for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst reasonable care is taken in the preparation of information on the site, it should not be relied upon as being up to date as law is constantly changing. We do not update our pages unless we have specific new information to add to the site. The information provided by Healthy Places may not be applicable to all parts of the UK and this general guidance will not be relevant or appropriate to all local circumstances.