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ESRC Seminar Series

The health impact of cold homes and fuel poverty

Funded by the ESRC and organised in collaboration with the University of Manchester, Sheffield Hallam University and Ulster University.

This seminar series will generate new understanding of human behaviour regarding cold homes, fuel poverty and their impact on health by reviewing current evidence, identifying evidence gaps and priorities for future research. The series will explicitly consider the influence of social and health inequalities, and focus on policy influences, impact and interventions. It will add to existing academic knowledge by reviewing and synthesising existing evidence, and will identify gaps in knowledge.

Cold house

Research on  the health impact of cold homes and fuel poverty has tended to focus upon discrete disciplines such as epidemiology, housing, energy efficiency and energy provision. This seminar series will facilitate a unique multi-disciplinary approach examining the interrelationship between factors. There has also been a tendency to ignore the role of human behaviour in keeping warm at home. Fundamental to understanding the health impact of cold homes and fuel poverty is a need to understand how various factors influence householders behaviour and choices in terms of risks, experiences and responses. 

These seminars will synthesise existing evidence to generate new insights in relation to human behaviour and cold homes. The seminars bring together leading academics and early career researchers in the field of fuel poverty, housing, energy and health, along with local and national policy leads and voluntary sector organisations. They will forge the new inter-disciplinary collaborations in order to generate fundable research applications to address the gaps identified. The seminar activity will form essential pre-protocol work that will enhance the quality and focus of fundable grant applications.

Winter cold

It is the intention to generate policy-related briefing papers to enhance the impact of the work of seminar participants. The seminar series will consist of eight one-day seminars hosted in the UK and Ireland. Each seminar will be free to attend, with 25-30 invited participants.


Angela Tod - University of Sheffield

Christine Liddell - Ulster University

Jan GilberstonCatherine HomerAnna Ryan - Sheffield Hallam University

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This sub-site of Healthy Places is managed by the seminar series team. Please contact Anna Ryan (a[dot]f[dot]ryan[at]shu[dot]ac[uk] for further information on the series.