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PDF Help

Healthy Places now has a PDF maker facility. This allows you to download any of the pages on the website into a PDF format, which you can then save in order to print, email or read offline.

How to use the PDF maker

  1. Click on the Add page to PDF icon. This will add your current page to a PDF basket. You can add as many pages as you like to the PDF basket.
  2. You can remove you current page from the basket at any time by clicking the Remove page from PDF basket icon.
  3. lick on the PDF basket icon – you will see a list of all the pages which you have added to your PDF basket. You can review the pages you have added, and choose to remove any unwanted pages
  4. Clicking on Download from the PDF basket page will create your own personalised PDF.

Please note: In order to view PDFs you must have Adobe Reader installed on your PC. This can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.