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Healthy Places

Healthy Places focuses on areas that are new, interesting, often not fully understood, or, not recognised at all as having a potential impact on health in a local area.

It highlights areas of law and policy that have the potential to change local environments and encourage more active lifestyles and better diets, and to improve the health of a community.

Healthy Places is not a checklist of health measures for local communities to adopt; instead this site explains the operation of laws and potential policies that could enable, or place limits on, local government and community activity that affects the healthiness of a place. 

Case studies are an important practical example of how others have used the regulatory environment to promote physical activity or healthy eating in their areas- shaping healthier places to live in.

Evaluations and user needs assessments

To ensure that its services meet the needs of users, the UK Health Forum carries our regular evaluations of all its services. A summary of the results of the assessment is available for download below.

2016: Healthy Places Annual Information Needs Assessment & User Survey

2015: Healthy Places Annual Information Needs Assessment & User Survey

2014: Healthy Places Fuel Poverty Toolkit Evaluation & Information Needs Assessment Report

2013: Healthy Places Initial Information Needs Assessment

UK Health Forum

The UK Health Forum (UKHF), a registered charity, is both a UK forum and an international centre for the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and dementia through a focus on up-stream measures targeted at the four shared modifiable risk factors of poor nutrition, physical inactivity, tobacco use and alcohol misuse. UKHF undertakes policy research and advocacy to support action by government, the public sector and commercial operators. As an alliance, the UKHF is uniquely placed to develop and promote consensus-based healthy public policy and to coordinate public health advocacy.

Website: www.ukhealthforum.org.uk

Phone +44 (0) 20 7832 6920

For more information or feedback please contact us: HealthyPaces[at]ukhealthforum[dot]org[dot]uk

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The following hierarchy exists throughout this site:



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Access to healthy food

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Hot food takeaways

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Section 106 levy

Case Study

Barking & Dagenham



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